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Mixed Animals (2014) by BCXSY for Huzi Design on Kickstarter

At first glance, Mixed Animals bring a feeling of nostalgia for your favorite childhood toys, but with modern design sensibility and a unique twist: you can mix and match the magnetic plush animal pieces to challenge your imagination and create a whole new species!

30 May 2014

A cute recyclable packaging concept, designed by Sarah Park, for a fictitious dog treats brand called Josie’s Bully Bites. The mouth of the cartoonish dog on the packaging will spit out treats for your pup!

25 May 2014

This fun toy set lets children experience conveyer belt sushi for the first time in the comfort of their home.

19 May 2014

25 artists created 25 origami-inspired paper versions of iconic sneakers as part of The Paperair Art Show by Italian paper craft designer Filippo Perin

16 May 2014

Turn your iphone into an adorable poodle toy with one of these furry phone covers, from Japanese retailer Koera Koera, that resembles some of the world’s most beloved dog breeds.

Which one is your favorite?

15 May 2014

Discovered this adorable Ninja Rabbit Carryall bag on FallFor. The bunny ears are the bag handles. When the bag is stuffed full and tied shut by the drawstring, it becomes a freestanding character doll!

13 May 2014

The Popsicle art series, created by Swiss/Danish artist duo PUTPUT, will have you doing a double take. Sponges are cleverly made to look like popsicles!


16 October 2013

An adorable shopping bag designed by Sarah Fløe Stenberg Rodet for a brand of wool.


10 October 2013

Giraffe is the name of this adorable ceramiccup that stands on 3 tall legs, handmade by Madrid-based artist Raúl Lázaro.


7 October 2013

A fried egg typography masterpiece made by HandMadeFont. Seriously literally made from fried eggs…

"1000 eggs, 10 pans, 5 burned fingers, 3 hours, 1 bottle of oil and a half of flat smelling like perfect and brand new Eggs font."


5 October 2013

Collection of assorted chocolates shaped like various human body parts and organs by Confectionary Visual Anatomy. A fun gift for someone in the medical science field.



3 October 2013

Paper engineer Lydia Kasumi Shirreff combines her love of patterns, geometric shapes, and vibrant colors to create these gorgeous eye-catching pieces of sculptural art.


1 October 2013

Hug designed by Jun Hyun Kim of Arpheo Design is an adorable wall-mounted Koala that holds onto your belongings, from cable wires, earphones to glasses, toothbrushes, or pens. You can also attach to any surface such as a notebook cover to make your stuff more accessible or organized.


29 September 2013

A fun packaging box for Mister Donut, a chain of donut shops in Japan, is cleverly modeled after a toolbox. See the way it opens…


24 September 2013

Hosting Hounds is an adorable family of dog-inspired furniture by Industrial designer Tom Bendkovski of Tomski Design. Each piece of the collection has its own name and features a subtle behavioral characteristic of canines in its visual representation.


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